FCTC Guidelines

  • Treat fellow members with courtesy and respect.

  • Bring a can of playable balls. (Note: For the 2015 season, the Executive will provide balls, but bring a spare can in case balls get lost during play.)

  • Turn off cell phones.

  • Bring shoe tag to all FCTC events.

  • Wear appropriate tennis clothing.

  • Shake hands after each match (before putting down racquet).

FCTC Tennis

Wednesday/Friday – The three east courts are reserved from (usually) 5:30 – 8:30 pm with 30 min rotations (20 minutes if crowded). You may play on courts 4-5 if there are no public players. However, if public players arrive, Club members must vacate these courts immediately.

Sunday – Courts 1-2 are reserved from 9 am – 1 pm with 20 min rotations. At 1 pm, Club members must vacate the courts if public players are waiting.


Racquets Down Format

  • Members lay their rackets in piles of 4 at a specified location near the courts..

  • Ideally, complete one pile before beginning next pile. Do not move other players’ racquets. Do not throw your racquet onto a pile.

  • When time is called, players for each court collect their rackets and go to their court.

  • Members on court cannot have a racket in a pile.

  • If a member removes their racket, it must be replaced by the bottom racket of the next pile.

  • If a member leaves the courts for more than 15 min, they should remove their racket from the pile.


FCTC Etiquette

  • Spin rackets to determine who serves.  Winner can choose either to serve or receive, OR which side they’d like.

  • Server should announce score at the beginning of each point.

  • Roll balls to the back of the court when returning them to another court.
  • Never walk behind a court when the ball is in play.

  • Do not hit balls that are out.

  • Players call balls on their side of the court. Respect their call.

  • If you are unsure, the ball is in.